Texan Since 1838

George Washington Stone arrived in the Republic of Texas in 1838, where he worked primarily as a farmer, although his community involvement outside of farming was varied and significant.  He fathered 21 children, and all but one child survived into adulthood, resulting in countless generations of descendants.


Corey Dean Stone is the sixth generation of Stones in the Lone Star State.  On his late paternal grandmother Norma Jane Ross Stone's side, he's a seventh generation Texan dating back to the 1850s.  Born and raised in East Texas, Corey grew up on the original Ross family land, and his roots aren't far from the original Stone family land. 


A current resident of Houston, Texas, Corey owes his appreciation for agriculture and conservation to his dad Tony Roy Stone and generations of Texan ancestors who have depended on Texas' natural resource, both for survival and enjoyment.


A career university educator, Corey is passionate about advancing educational access for first-generation college students, like his dad, and he believes in the capabilities of all Texas students, from his East Texas roots to his wife's in El Paso, and everwhere in between.


In 2020, Stone Family Agriculture LLC was formed to continue the family traditions of husbandry, conservation, and cultivation for the next generation of the Stone family.  The Stone family is presently managing herds of cattle in East Texas and blackbuck, goats, and llamas in Central Texas.


Visit the contact page, if you have any inquiries, and visit Corey's personal website here for any questions about his educational and photography ventures.