Texan Since 1838

Six generations

in the Lone Star State

George Washington Stone arrived in the Republic of Texas in 1838, where he worked primarily as a farmer, although his community involvement outside of farming was varied and significant.  He fathered 21 children by two wives, and all but one child survived into adulthood, resulting in countless generations of descendants.


Corey Dean Stone is a sixth generation Texan on the Stone family line.  Born and raised in East Texas, his roots aren't far from the original Stone family land.  A current resident of Houston, Texas, Corey owes his appreciation for agriculture and conservation to his dad Tony Roy Stone and his namesake grandfather, the late Harry Dean Stone. 


Before passing from cancer as a young adult, Harry married into the countryside family of the late Norma Jane Ross ("MawMaw"), daughter of the late Barney Roy and Inez Grace Ross, née Smith ("Granddaddy & Grandmama").  The Stones were living on the west side of Rusk County, with Harry attending Gaston schools, while the Rosses were in northeast Rusk County near the Church Hill and Liberty communities, with Norma attending Henderson schools.  Their marriage resulted in one child, Tony Roy Stone.


Tony grew up on the Ross family farm before eventually heading off to Texas A&M University, where he graduated with a petroleum engineering degree as part of the Aggie Class of 1984.  With the energy sector upended by the 1980s oil glut and the passing of his Granddady Ross, Tony returned to the Ross family farm.  Before transitioning into small business work in the late 1980s and early 1990s, Tony was a cattle rancher on the family farm in northeast Rusk County.


As narrator, I (Corey) am happy to say that my dad met my mom, Elizabeth LaVelle Wooster, at First Baptist Church of Henderson in the late 1980s, and their eventual marriage resulted in my own existence, as well as that of my sister, Stephanie D'Laine Carstens, née Stone.  While Dad made it a habit of taking my sister and me to the farm most weekends growing up, the demands of modern childrearing and the passing of our beloved Grandmama led to us moving "to town" in the mid-1990s.  I will always be connected in blood and in spirit to the family farm, which remains Dad's place of solace to this day.


Stephanie and I followed in our dad's footsteps, graduating from Texas A&M University in 2015 and 2013, respectively, eventually both marrying fellow Aggies.  I would end up spending over six additional years at Texas A&M University as a higher education professional and graduate student, eventually graduating with my M.S. in Educational Administration in 2019 and departing for a position at another institution, where I continue to serve as a higher educator.


In 2020, Stone Family Agriculture LLC was formed to continue the family traditions of husbandry, conservation, and cultivation for the next generation of the Stone family.  Targeting initial operations in McCulloch County, Texas, you can connect on the Contact page for more info!